Bring Your A-Game, Cause They Will

Real Estate

The reality is that today’s real estate brokerage business is a highly contested space. Changing agent and consumer behaviors, agent enabled technologies, and a highly fragmented brokerage industry have applied an unprecedented amount of pressure on existing brokerages.  Ok, so that’s the big picture, but what does it mean locally?

It means we have dear friends in competing firms.  It means your brother, or sister, or cousin may decide to list themselves on Zillow. It means that as producers all, we must not only innovate, but also automate to increase margins and remain competitive.

Change is inevitable.  Market trends are what they are.  We must lead with courage and compassion.  Our fight is not with each other.  Our fight is over that coffee table or kitchen counter convincing our prospective clients why they should hand us over thousands of their hard-earned equity.  Whoever wins that battle, wins the war.  Maybe it’s Zillow.  Maybe it’s your competitor.  Or maybe, just maybe, it’s you. 

It’s game on guys. Hone your skills. Bring your A-game, cause they will. 

My best to you all!