Giving Thanks

Real Estate

As I reflect this Thanksgiving I am reminded of a recent conversation in which a friend asked what lessons I had learned in the military that were most applicable in my current position. 

Without hesitating I thought to myself, perseverance

You see etched into the stone of the U.S. Army Ranger Memorial below is the Ranger Creed and the words, "Surrender is not a Ranger word." A bit further down the walk and also etched in stone is the name of a young soldier who internalized those words and swore an oath to always live by them.

This past year we have endured many changes and challenges and I know there is much work yet to be done. I also know that as long as I'm your managing broker, I will never stop fighting for your best interests and I am determined to persevere. 

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and commend you for persevering!

Many blessings,


 Ranger Memorial

Ranger Memorial Stone